Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Welcome to the New Improved Musings

Murderous Musings is undergoing a major restructuring. If you're a regular (or occasional) reader, you probably noticed the change in the blog head the past couple of days. Well, it's about to change again. We're bringing in a lot of fresh writing talent to add more variety to our musings. With addition of a few more, we'll have each member of the team posting twice a month.

For the history buffs, Ben Small and I kicked around ideas for the blog a couple of summers ago, then recruited Beth Terrell and Mark Danielson to join us. We made a lucky find in Jean Henry Mead and had a five-day lineup in place. The first post, Ben's Fascinated with Murder, appeared on June 15, 2008. Pat Browning joined us the following month to fill out a six-day panel. Sunday posts have appeared occasionally when somebody had something special to say, or maybe a guest. Now we're looking at adding Sunday as a regular blogging day.

As Ben says, "The more the merrier."

We've already added Craig Johnson and Jonathan E. Quist to the heading above, and we'll have Ann Parker and Earl Staggs joining them shortly. There are at least two others waiting in the wings. As soon as we get confirmation on their status, we'll be putting up photos and book covers for everybody.

We will have writers covering nearly ever phase of the mystery genre, from thrillers to PI's to police procedurals to historicals...you name it, we'll have it. I encourage you to join in the fun with your comments on the blogs. We've tried to make it easy to comment without leaving it open to spaminosity. You can sign in with one of several formats through Open ID. If you don't have one of those, you can get a Google ID with a simple sign-up.

We look forward to providing you with plenty of interesting stuff to talk about. If you have any complaints or suggestions, just send them to Chester Campbell and I'll guarantee a reply of some sort.

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Ben Small said...

Outstanding, Chester. As usual, you are ahead of the game in every facet. I am so excited about our new additions. These are some of my favorite writers. Just love their books. Am anticipating their posts and excited about them.