Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Immigration Reform

By Mark W. Danielson

Along our southern borders, tempers are flaring and guns are blazing over the tide of illegal immigrants. The National Guard has been deployed to help stem the flow, but their presence has been as effective as British Petroleum’s oil spill remedies. Mexican leaders deplore our border actions and warn of consequences. On our side of the border, conventions planned for Arizona have relocated to other states while tensions continue to mount. Regardless of one’s political views, it is clear that immigration reform is needed.

Certainly, the illegal drug trade is responsible for most of the Mexican border violence, but US citizens are becoming increasingly fed up with illegal immigrants draining their resources. But what most Americans forget is there is also an unstoppable migration of illegal aliens flying across our northern border. Far more so than in the south, these undesirables come and go as they please, and set up camp in our wetlands and grasslands so they can raise their young on US soil. Local governments have fought back using air guns and other noise makers to discourage this, but these measures have failed to make a difference. The Canadian immigration problem has been compounded by extraordinary multiple births. There is no question we are being overrun.

With this in mind, the uproar over people having to produce their personal documents along our southern borders seems superfluous, as I must comply with these same requests whenever I visit a foreign country. In fact, I can be thrown in jail for losing my shore pass or failing to produce my passport when asked. From my vantage, US authorities should be paying equal attention to those entering from Canada as they do Mexico. For whatever reason, no one seems even remotely concerned about those flocking in below radar coverage, and in spite of numerous cases of them downing aircraft, not a single Canadian culprit has been detained.

The West was won with justice served by Smith and Wesson's and thick ropes. Some citizens are already taking pot shots at these illegals, and it seems likely that kidnappings, neck ringings, and murder can’t be far off. This is a serious issue, indeed.

Recently, I spotted a huge camp of young illegal Canadians at a nearby park, lying around without a care while two adults watched over them. Seeing thirty youngsters under one couple’s supervision was astounding. After returning with my camera, I cautiously maneuvered to document the event while carefully avoiding the adults. My zoom lens captured some good shots, but even at close range, there are too hard to identify. My photos prove that they all look alike to the untrained eye.

Homeland Security, it’s time that we protect all of our nation’s borders! We cannot afford to be overrun by such unchecked population growth! If nothing is done, our citizens will certainly hunt them down, and violence is never the answer.

If you agree with this assessment, then write your state and federal representatives. Don’t wait for these illegals to bomb or spread disease in your neighborhood. Our health, security, and way of life are at stake.


Mark W. Danielson said...

I hope y'all know this is about the geese:)

Jean Henry Mead said...

You had me going there for awhile, Mark. :)

I've seen evidence of the Canadian invasion in Fort Collins, Colorado, where thousands--maybe hundreds of thousands--of geese spend the winter. I have photos of them on the lawn on Drake Ave. at the university animal hospital, and I'm sure they weren't there for treatment of potshot wounds.

Mark W. Danielson said...

Jean, nothing shoots adrenaline through the blood faster than seeing a flock of suicidal geese at 12 o'clock! (Just ask Sully.)