Monday, August 10, 2009


by Ben Small

I am sorry I don't have a post today. I thought of a good one on Thursday, but unfortunately didn't write it then, and then today, I just plain forgot. I'd love to have a whopper of an excuse, but the truth is I was out all day doing errands. Sprint took half a day to figure out my new Palm Pre wasn't working correctly, finally just replacing it, and then I had to drive thirty miles to have a mechanic friend fix my car. After that, it was off to Office Max because we ran out of paper and folders necessary to copy all the freaking documents the IRS needs to prove my Summer Book Tour, 2006 was legit. Since my first publisher went belly up and didn't pay me for all the books I sold, they wondered why I had expenses and only the book income from books sold out of my trunk, so to speak. Think we've got everything covered, but the only way to do all the receipt organization was to cut and paste onto sheets of paper and then scan everything. Then when I started printing, my toner died and we ran out of paper. When dealing with the IRS, I've learned it's best to organize everything and hit them with a mountain of organized paper, cross-referenced to our tax lawyer's work papers.

Fun stuff.... But at least we found some deductions we should've claimed but didn't.

And then the pool pump quit, so we spent time deciding that the pump wasn't working... I'm about as mechanical as Don Knotts. Three calls pestering the pool expert, no doubt sounding like a whale out of water, and nobody will talk to us. Did I mention it's 105 outside?

Yeah, it's a dry heat... especially when there's no pool. Just the green creeping in and some floater-frogs.

So I have no excuse except to say I forgot and am so freaking tired -- did I mention I did a 7:00 A.M. workout? -- and headachy that I may pull a LiLo and just collapse in a pile. To relieve my frontal lobe drum beat, I may need a lobotomy. I'd try an Excedrin injection, but the amount I need would bleed me out.

So, I apologize and promise to be back next Monday.

As for my Murderous Musings today, I spent them all on Sprint.

But at least Facebook reinstated me, even going so far as to apologize. Seems they thought I had too many Friends.


Mark W. Danielson said...

Ben, the biggest problem with being retired is you never get a day off:)

Ben Small said...

I'd heard people say that, but I didn't believe it. Now I wonder how I ever got anything done when I worked full time.

Chester Campbell said...

I've been wondering that for 20 years, Ben (I retired in 1989).

Anonymous said...

Laughing. Sorry. It's been that kind of week, that kind of month, that kind of year.

Good thing I live alone. I frequently say things you can't print in a family blog. (-:

Well, as Scarlett O'Hara always said, Tomorrow is another day. Dammit.

Pat Browning