Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Greg McKenzie takes on the world

Today Murderous Musings is conducting the second phase of the interview with retired Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agent Gregory McKenzie, otherwise known as the guy behind (or inside) the Greg McKenzie Mysteries. This will give us a look at his views on current affairs.

MM: Nice to have you with us again, Greg. I hope things are going well with McKenzie Investigations.

GM: Well is a relative term. If you mean it financially, you’ll have to ask Jill. She keeps the books.

MM: I’ve heard she’s quite effective in the financial realm.

GM: She hasn’t invested anything with Bernie Madoff. You can bet your granny’s gold snuff box on that.

MM: What does she invest in with the economy on such a wild ride?

GM: I try to keep my distance from that stuff, but I’ve heard her talk about “inverse ETFs,” whatever the hell that is. I think it means when things go down, our nest egg goes up. I just hope we don’t have to eat that egg. But she’d have a great recipe for it, I’m sure.

MM: I’ve read about her culinary exploits.

GM: Yeah. She’s a good cook, too.

MM: How has the economy affected the PI business?

GM: Everybody wants us to track down people who owe them money. But when we find them, chances are the money has vaporized like sweat on a sunbather.

MM: Speaking of which, do you still have your condo on the beach in Florida?

GM: It was rebuilt after Hurricane Ivan pulverized it. As if that wasn’t enough, the county doubled our taxes. Wouldn’t be so bad if they doubled the size of the sheriff’s patrol. Of course, Jill likes to stroll the beach at sunset. I enjoy that part, though I don’t care much for water, except when it’s in a glass of Scotch.

MM: As I recall, you’re a Tennessee Titans’ fan. What did you think of their loss to the Ravens last weekend?

GM: If Jill wasn’t listening, I’d give you one of my good expletives. That’s all water under the goal post now, but I’d hate to be Coach Fisher. He’s got about as big a dilemma as Barack Obama.

MM: As a former lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, how do you feel the new Administration should attack the current world situation?

GM: Besides with bombs? Just kidding. I wish the new Prez well, but if he can wiggle out of the Iraq-Iran-Israel-Palestine-Afghanistan-Pakistan mess, cope with the oil-gas-coal-energy crisis, and squiggle the economy back together, he’ll be the reincarnation of Harry Houdini.

MM: I take it you’re a pessimist?

GM: Not at all. I never take on a case that I don’t feel confident I can solve. I know it won’t be easy, but I’m optimistic that we’ll worm our way out of this somehow, by the grace of God, I guess.

MM: Thanks for taking time to be with us, Greg. Drop by again soon.

GM: You can count on it.

Editor’s Note: To read more of Greg’s views, check out the books at www.chesterdcampbell.com.

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Beth Terrell said...

Chester, I always enjoy your interviews with Greg. Maybe I can persuade Jared to stop by and chat some week, but ever since he got burned by a local reporter, he's a little shy about giving interviews.